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Do you want to develop international markets but don't have sufficient staff, time or experience? Allow EICS to be your support team.

We provide you with access to a small team of experienced professionals on a 'switch on, switch off' basis, be it for a one-off project or for long term support.

We offer:

  • Export market research to identify suitable target markets
  • Sourcing of overseas agents and distributors
  • Foreign contract terms & conditions advice
  • To de-mystify compliance rules & regulations involved in international trade
  • Export and import training for commercial, shipping and credit control staff
  • To set up easy to follow systems & procedures which automatically accommodate international regulations
  • Temporary cover for staff absences

This means that your in-house managers and their teams are not deflected from your core business. You pay only for time used. Our team is able to understand the issues involved and quickly add value whilst flattening your learning curve.

Contact: Jayne Mezulis

Export & Import Consultancy Services,
2 Willow Croft, Hope Road, Bamford, Sheffield, S33 0AL

Tel: 01433 659197
Mobile: 07951 787250


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Exhibiting at an international trade show is an essential step towards developing Export markets and a gateway to gaining global recognition.

To ensure success and maximise such an investment, it is critical to be well prepared and ready to follow up all enquiries.

Exportwise™ Consulting provide cost effective support and export development solutions to companies for the preparation, participation and follow up of trade fairs.

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